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Medication Reconciliation

Medication Reconciliation, commonly referred to as “MedRec”, is a formal process in which healthcare providers work collaboratively to identify the most comprehensive and accurate list of medications for the patient/resident at key transitions of care (admission, transfer and discharge). 

The goal of MedRec is to minimize medication errors at key transitions of care (admission, transfer and discharge) via a systematic and comprehensive review of all of the medications a patient/resident is taking to ensure that medications being added, changed, or discontinued are carefully evaluated, documented and communicated.            

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MedRec Tools

The MedRec process is facilitated by the use of tools at admission and discharge.

Admission BPMH Tool 

  • CV# 0199 (Edmontonn)
  • CV# 0199NCR (Rural)
  • CV# 0426 (NICU)

Transfer sticker template

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  • Printable sticker template is compatible with Avery labels (05160, 5260, 8160, 48160, 48460, 99180)

Discharge MedRec Tool 

  • CV# 0375NCR
  • CV# 0492 (GNCH: Women's Health)
  • CV# 0425 (NICU)


Admission is the process by which a patient enters the Covenant Health system.

The Best Possible Medication History (BPMH) is the cornerstone of the MedRec admission process.  BPMH is a medication history created using a:

  • systematic process of interviewing the patient/resident and their family
  • review at least one other reliable source of information to obtain and verify all of the patient’s/resident’s medication use (prescribed and non-prescribed)

Goal: to ensure there is clear communication about decisions the Prescriber makes to continue, discontinue, or modify the medication regimen upon admission that the patient/resident has been taking prior to admission.

Click here to access CLiC for more information on the admission process. 


For MedRec purposes, “transfer” refers to a change in the level of care or service within-facility.  (ex. Grey Nuns Surgery to Grey Nuns Internal Medicine).

Both the sending prescriber and the accepting prescriber are responsible to review, evaluate and reconcile all medications upon transfer.  This is a process already occurring in practice.

Goal: compare the current medications the patient/resident was receiving on the unit (Medication Administration Record (MAR) or medication profile) with those that were being taken at home (Best Possible Medication History (BPMH)) to determine if any medications need to be continued, restarted, discontinued or modified at the next level of care.

MedRec on Transfer Resources

Transfer MedRec Sticker

Click here to visit CLiC for more information on how to complete MedRec on transfer.


Discharge refers to the end of service provision by the care facility (i.e. the patient physically exits the current facility and subsequently goes home, or to a different care facility).  

Goal: compare the current inpatient medications (Medication Administration Record (MAR) or medication profile) with those that were being taken at home (BPMH) to determine the patient/resident’s discharge medications. This is documented on the MedRec Discharge Tool.

Click here to access MedRec discharge resources on CLiC.

Process Maps

The MedRec Project Team creates process maps for each Program/Unit/Site that has had MedRec implemented at all transitions of care (admission, transfer and discharge).

These process maps include the MedRec processes that the Program/Unit/Site decided upon during the implementation planning stage.

The process maps are used in educational packages and located in the Information Binders for each Program/Unit/Site for reference.

Click here to access the process maps on CLiC.

MedRec Auditing

MedRec Auditing Resources

Please visit our CLiC page for all of your MedRec auditing resources.

Audit Platform and Results

The Crede Technologies Audit Tool will be used for MedRec audits to assist with the coordination of measurement and reporting. Ensure you refer to the documents below prior to conducting your first audit. For a Crede Technologies login, contact Alexandra Fuller.

The MedRec audit results are available for viewing on Tableau

Click here to access Audit Platform and Results resources on CLiC.

My Medication List Brochure

A current and accurate medication list can help prevent adverse drug events and help healthcare professionals make decisions about a patients health.

The My Medication List brochure is a resource to start a conversation with patients to help them manage their medications.

The purpose of My Medication List brochure is :

  • To engage and educate patients on the importance of having a current and accurate medication list.
  • To support patients on how to create an accurate medication list.

The My Medication List brochure is recommended to be discussed with patients needing assistance with medication management.

Click here to access the Education Information brochures on CLiC.

Ordering Information

My Medication List brochure is available from DATA Group:

  • CV - 0649
  • Cost: Packages of 50 $15.27 per pack


Medication Lists and Tools
Know Your Medications
Safe Medication Use

ISMP Canada's "5 Questions to Ask about your Medications"

Patients are at high risk of fragmented care, adverse drug events, and medication errors during transitions of care. Ensuring safe medication transitions is complex. It requires patients to be an active partner in their health to ensure that they have the information they need to use their medications safely.

Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, Patients for Patient Safety Canada, the Canadian Pharmacist Association and the Canadian Society for Hospital Pharmacists have collaborated to develop a set of 5 questions to help patients and caregivers start a conversation about medications to improve communications with their health care provider.

Posters with the Covenant Health Logo are available to print and post to help staff, physicians and patients/family be familiar with "5 Questions to Ask about your Medications".

Click Here to watch a short video about the 5 Questions to ask about your Medications.


5 Questions to Ask About Your Medication (English)

5 Questions to Ask About Your Medication (French)