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Medication management is focused on improving patient and resident safety by addressing the safe use and effective management of medications within Covenant Health.  This involves assessing and improving all aspects of medication use.

"Patient safety is a critical health system issue, but the fundamental basis for improving safety lies in creating more effective work environments and high performing teams, not just selectively introducing new interventions into poorly organized settings."(*)

Global research gives a clear message that medication safety is not a program but the culture of our work. A culture of safety means that an organizations workforce and process are focused on improving the reliability and safety of care for patients. Hospitals and health systems are being held accountable for quality and patient safety by organizations like Accreditation Canada; medication safety has been identified as a priority that needs to be addressed.

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Medication Management Framework

Medication Management is a core process to provide safe care to those we serve. The framework enhances patient safety through the delivery of Medication Management as an integrated system built upon foundational principles and domains with associated key elements.

Medication Management Framework
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Implementing best practices in medication safety is accomplished through a variety of committees, working groups and collaboration with key stakeholders. Preventing and reducing harm from adverse drug events is a high priority and demonstrates that Covenant Health is committed to providing the highest quality of care to our patients and residents. 


Covenant Health is committed to medication safety. One of the many ways of demonstrating this commitment is to participate in the accreditation process. Accreditation Canada Standards and Required Organizational Practices (ROP) provide the framework that assists us to develop and implement policies, processes, and practices to minimize risk and deliver safe care. Covenant Health was granted “Accredited with Exemplary Standing” during the last survey cycle.

This accreditation cycle will provide opportunities to build on the tremendous success of our initial accreditation cycle, and enable us to improve the quality of care and service delivery within Covenant Health.

Medication Management Standards (after Jan 01, 2017)

Medication Management Standards

Medication Management Standards for Community-Based Organizations

Required Organizational Practices - Handbook 2017

(*) University of Toronto: Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation. (2015). Beyond the Quick Fix: Strategies for Improving Patient Safety. Toronto, Ontario: Author)