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High Alert Medications

High-Alert Medications (HAM) have an increased risk of causing significant patient harm when they are administered in error. 

Errors involving HAM may not be more common than that of regular medications however, the consequences are typically more devastating.

As a result, Covenant Health has put mitigation strategies and safeguards in place to decrease the opportunity of errors from occurring and to satisfy the Required Organizational Practice (ROP) requirements set out by Accreditation Canada.)

High-Alert Medications (HAM) Education and Resources

Click here to visit CLiC for High-Alert Medications (HAM) Education and Resources.

Printing Labels for Medication Storage Containers

For the storage and labelling of medications that are not HAM, please click here.

Required Organizational Practice Exceptions (ROPE)

Accreditation Canada dictates that the availability of certain High-Alert Medications (HAM) should be limited in patient care areas. The following medications should not be stored in patient care areas unless there is an approved exception

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When it is necessary for a restricted product to be available in a selected patient care area, a Required Organizational Practice Exceptions (ROPE) Request form (below) must be submitted to the Medication Management Safety Team (MMST) for processing. If an ROPE is approved for a restricted HAM, specific safeguards must be put in place to minimize errors and risk, HAM labelling and storage apply, and the unit is required to have a copy of the approved ROPE form available to staff. See the attachments below for a list of approved ROPE and the attachments to be posted.

Required Organizational Practice Exceptions Request Process

Required Organizational Practice Exceptions Request Form

Covenant Health ROPE

Concentrated Electrolytes



Contact Information

For more information, please contact the Medication Management Team.

Covenant Health Policies

High-Alert Medications Policy

Tall Man Lettering Policy

Prohibited Abbreviations,Symbols and Dose Designations Policy

Training Resources

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