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Pharmacy provides both clinical and drug distribution services, as well as leading numerous patient safety initiatives. 

Note: The services provided on each site varies based on staffing, workload volumes, patient acuity and clinical priorities.

Grey Nuns Community Hospital Pharmacy: 780.735.7415
Misericordia Community Hospital Pharmacy: 780.735.2821
Edmonton General Continuing Care Hospital Pharmacy: 780.342.6597
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Accessing Drug Information Services

Drug information pharmacists are available to answer drug information requests from Alberta Health Services healthcare professionals across the province. 

For NON-URGENT requests:

For URGENT requests call a Drug Information Centre:

Drug Information South: 403.943.4990  
Drug Information North: 780.407.7404

Drug Advisories (Covenant Health)

Covenant Health Medical Staff Drug Advisories 


Philosophy, Purpose & Vision (Covenant Health)


Pharmacy’s commitment to wellness and quality of life for patients and their families is reflected in our departmental activities which include inpatients as well as outpatient services. The staff and department have formed partnerships with other healthcare providers to provide effective and appropriate medication therapy.

A major goal is to remove duties of a technical nature from pharmacists, through both automation and increased use of pharmacy technicians and support staff. This will enable pharmacists to become decentralized to more fully and effectively participate in pharmaceutical care/patient focused activities, directly influencing drug use at the therapeutic decision making level.

In alignment with the Mission, Vision and Values of Covenant Health, Pharmacy Services staff support and act in accordance with the following statements:



Our team is committed to providing compassionate, patient-centered care, focusing on quality and medication safety.



To be innovative leaders who are experts in medication management, collaborating professionally and practicing to full scope of practice.

Poison & Drug Information Service

The Poison & Drug Information Service (PADIS) provides health professionals with specialized consultation about drug information for a clinical situation.

Call PADIS Alberta & NWT: 1.800.332.1414
Visit the PADIS website

Provincial Drug Formulary (AHS)

The Drug Formulary is a listing of pharmaceutical products that have been approved by the Pharmacy/Drugs and Therapeutics Committees (P&T or DTC) of all of the former health regions within Alberta Health Services (AHS). These committees include representation from physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other health professionals. Their purpose is to evaluate and provide recommendations of Drug Formulary status based on the evidence of efficacy, safety, and cost-effectiveness. The Drug Formulary applies to inpatient hospital and community health sites but does not apply to continuing care centres within AHS/Covenant Health.

 AHS Provincial Drug Formulary (network access required) 

Pyxis Learning Resources

End User Training

The Pyxis learning package has been designed for those health professionals who plan on using a “non-profiled” Pyxis MedStation in the course of their duties. Users include:

  • Patient care nurses and respiratory therapists
  • Nursing managers
  • Physicians and nurse practitioners

If you do not know if the MedStation you will be using is “non-profiled," ask your CNE or site pharmacy.

End users can continue by completing the following, in sequence:

Fundamentals of the Pyxis MedStation eLearning – a one-hour course with quiz 
Pyxis MedStation Tutorial – a hands-on tutorial at the MedStation 
AHS Pyxis Policies & Procedures –  P&Ps relevant to Pyxis
Pyxis MedStation Demonstration – demonstrating key skills at the MedStation





The learning package is organized into six eLessons. The total time to complete the first five eLessons is approximately one hour. The quiz takes 10 mins and has an 80% pass rate. It may be retaken as often as required.


Additional Pyxis Medstation User References

(network access required)