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Medworxx Utilization Management System

Medworxx is used by those involved in patient care/flow, including front line nursing staff, clinical coordinators and discharge planners. The data entered is used to generate several types of daily reports, such as patient care status, care delays and readiness for discharge. These reports are used to identify barriers, delays and interruptions to patient care and to achieve an optimal length of stay.

Medworxx is a key component of Path to Home (P2H), a standard model for proactive discharge planning to enhance how acute care capacity is managed and improve patient experience. This work is focused on acute care, but will impact flow from the Emergency Department through to community care and improve the way the public experiences their care throughout this journey. Covenant Health and Alberta Health Services are moving from variable discharge and discharge planning practices to a provincial, standard approach.

Medworxx supports these initiatives by addressing the challenges associated with patient care/flow through the acute care system and into other levels of care. Nurses assess their patients once a day, every day, to answer the question “Why is my patient in an acute care bed today?”

Medworxx has already been deployed in a number of hospitals throughout Alberta. Currently it is used in the Grey Nuns and Misericordia Community Hospitals

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