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Edmonton Acute Care 

(Grey Nuns and Misericordia Community Hospitals)

Covenant Health Edmonton Acute Laboratory Services provides integrated Laboratory Medicine services in association with  Alberta Health Services (AHS) Edmonton Zone Laboratory Medicine and Dynalife Diagnostic (DLDX), performing in excess of 1.9 million tests annually. Laboratory Services supports a patient-focused approach and expert consultation is available to assist care providers and users of the service. The depth and breadth of medical expertise results in a premium level of testing quality, service, followup care and support to our customers and their patients.

Results Inquiries: 780.407.7484

GNCH General Phone: 780.735.9627
Rapid Response Lab: 780.735.7095

MCH General Phone: 780.735.2472
Rapid Response Lab: 780.735.2516


Laboratory Test Directory & Collection Information 

AHS has an extensive test menu detailing tests, collection requirements and any special information to be noted related to the test.

Use the AHS test directory to display a listing of all tests frequently ordered. To determine location of testing, please refer to your local laboratory on the AHS website - Laboratory Test Directory & Collection Information


Lab Bulletins

Laboratory Bulletins are used to convey pertinent laboratory or clinical information to the intended audience. This information may include such items as:

  • changes in collection information or practice.
  • introduction of new technology.
  • announcements.

A provincial process has been established to manage the distribution of Laboratory Bulletins. If there are questions regarding this process, please contact Client Services at 1.877.868.6848

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