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Resource Manual - Continuing Care

This Resource Manual is intended to guide Infection Prevention & Control practices within Covenant Health Continuing Care Facilities.

Refer to the following sections below: Clinical Care, Surveillance & Reporting, Outbreak Management, Employee Health and Construction.  For more information please contact your site Infection Control Practitioner/Designate.

Clinical Care

Clinical Care

a. Infection Control Considerations

  • Infection Prevention & Control Policy VI-5

b. Admission Screening for Antibiotic Resistant Organisms (ARO's)

c. Routine Practices

d. Additional Precautions

e. Diseases and Conditions Table

f. Specific Diseases and Conditions

g. Infestations

h. Deceased Bodies

  • Death Policy VII-B-410

i. Foot/Nail Care

  • Nail Care Policy VII-C-45

j. Transfer of Residents

  • Transfer of Resident to Acute Care Policy VII-C-85
  • Move-Out/Transfer Checklist

k. Resident Immunizations

  • Resident Immunizations Policy: Influenza and Pneumococcal VII-C-50

Surveillance and Reporting

Employee Health

Employee Health

My Health, Safety & Wellness