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Patient Management

IPC Guidelines for Patients/Residents on Additional Precautions - Participation in Group Therapies: Occupational, Physical and Recreational   

Physical Environment

Use of Portable Oscillating Blade Fans for use in Healthcare Facilities

Selection of Furniture and Other Non-Medical Devices in Patient Areas 

Selection of Sinks and Faucet Fixtures for Dedicated Hand Washing Stations  


Safe Distribution of Ice and Water in Healthcare Facilities

Selection and Use of Gloves for Obstetrical and Gynecological Procedures 

Airborne Precautions in the Operating Room

Water Births

Surgical Aseptic Technique and Sterile Field   

Supplies, Equipment and Patient Care Items

Domestic Laundry Machines

Care of Ear Cleaning Equipment

Storage of Clean and Sterile Supplies in Clinical Care Areas

Isolation Carts - Selection and Management

Stationary Computers in Patient Care Areas

Patient Skin Antiseptic Products for Invasive Procedures Outside of the Operating Room

Reusable Instruments that Contact the Surface of the Eye - Cleaning and Disinfection

Patient Supplies on Discharge or Transfer

Foot Care Devices

Mechanical Patient Lifts and Patient Handling Aids Including Slings, Sliders and Transfer Belts - Selection, Cleaning and Storage

Selection, Cleaning and Disinfection of Patient Care Tubs

Cleaning and Disinfection of Information Technology Equipment and Devices

Mattresses, Covers and Pillows  

Glove Use and Selection  


Staff Food and Potlucks

Bed Bug Management Protocols for Health Care Workers