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Consent to Treatment

The Consent to Specific Treatment/Procedure form (09741) has been revised into three separate forms: 

  1. Consent to Treatment Plan or Procedure (09741 2013-08);
  2. Consent to Surgery or Invasive Procedure (18628); and
  3. Emergency Health Care: Documentation of Exception to Consent (18629). 

Also, a new consent form for blood borne virus testing (when not associated with a specific procedural consent) has been developed:

     4.   Consent to Blood Testing for Blood Borne Viruses (18213).

The following resources explain when and how the new forms are to be used, and answer some frequently asked questions:

Memo from Dr. Robinson - November 25, 2013

Memo from Dr. Robinson regarding new and revised consent form roll-out  - Oct. 23, 2013  

Information Bulletin: When to Use the New Consent Forms  

Staff and Physician Q & A: Changes to Consent Policy Forms  

Poster: Changes to Consent Forms  

Blood Borne Virus Testing - Patient Information Sheet  

Consent Form Revisions Cheat Sheet      

'Consent to Treatment' policy and procedures


Consent to Treatment/Procedures


Adults with Capacity(#VII-B-55)

Adults with Impaired Capacity/Adults who Lack Capacity(#VII-B-60)

Minors/Mature Minors(#VII-B-70)

Formal Patients/Persons Subject to Community Treatment Orders under the Mental Health Act >(#VII-B-65)

Human Tissue and Organ Donation(#VII-B-75).  Please note - the Tissue and/or Organ Donation Consent Form is no longer available online.  Consent must be facilitated by the donation agency.

Other Resources & Links

Consent Toolkit PowerPoint 

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