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About MUSE/ECG Web


The Marquette Universal System for Electrocardiology (MUSE) is a data management system that receives patient tests from ECG carts, monitors, the Holter system, and the Exercise Stress system. MUSE provides easy access and management of records, including storage, retrieval, editing, and printing.


ECG Web (previously CV Web/MUSE Web) is used to view and print data from MUSE.

Benefits of MUSE and ECG Web

  • Quicker access to completed ECG—as soon as an ECG is completed using MUSE, the ECG can be viewed from anywhere in the province on ECG Web
  • Easy viewing, sorting and printing in ECG Web
  • Demographics auto-populate in the ECG machine when it is connected to the network
  • When there is a technical issue or concern, the new software allows for more efficient and effective IT support

For Further Information

Visit AHS insite  MUSE & ECG Web page (Network Access Required)