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How do I get access for a new staff member once they have completed training?

You can find access to the eClinician training link here. Once you are on the Insite page, you will go to the left hand side link heading that says training, and then you may proceed with the My Learning Link Access Request form found in the center of the page. Please note that this is only required once to create a MLL (My learning Link account) All future registrations can be completed by going directly to the MLL website.

Once your staff member has completed their training you will then need to complete a SARF (staff access request form).

To access the SARF, please click here.

Clinical Responsibilities within the EMR

Minimum Use Guidelines within the EMR

Principals of Safe Charting within the EMR

Who do I call if I need help?

You are always welcome to contact the HELP DESK at 735-4357, however please ensure you have all information available to answer their questions. You may also contact your are SME - they are usually quite verse in their knowledge of eClinician and although they may not have the answer they will usually be able to help you find out! And, of course, I am always available to help with any eClinician related issues. PLEASE NOTE: as the site lead for 3 sites I may not be able to provide immediate assistance, however you can leave a message on my office phone (342-9031), contact me on my cell (884-3453) or via email.

What eCLINICIAN will do?

eCLINICIAN electronic scheduling is a first step towards electronic medical records. It will improve the quality and accuracy of information (information will be easy to post and update), and ensure information is legible. It will also help manage large volumes of referrals and bookings.

eCLINICIAN will allow you to complete the following tasks electronically.

Referrals: Once a referral is entered into eCLINICIAN, all providers and scheduled appointments will remain with that patient throughout his/her visits to the clinic.

Viewing all appointments:
While you can only schedule appointments for the departments you have access to, you will be able to see all scheduled appointments (past and present) for a patient. This will support customer service and continuity of booking across service areas.

Standardized clinic schedules: Department schedules are referred to as “templates” and staff who will manage them will attend a special “template building” workshop.

Recalls: Appointment requests for dates beyond the scheduling cut-off can be entered as recalls in the system. A recall work list will remind staff about upcoming appointments that need to be coordinated.

Appointment notification letters: Letters for new appointments, follow-ups and no shows can be printed from eCLINICIAN. 

Check-in/out: Our clinic staff will check patients in when they present for clinic. New workflows may be implemented to encourage patients to check out. Follow-ups may be booked at the time of check-out, if resources permit.

Flexibility: eCLINICIAN can accommodate a variety of individual scheduling preferences. The ability to overbook or to change templates is based on a user’s security level in the system, and our schedulers will have the security they need to manage our schedules in a way that best suits our clinical needs.

In Basket messaging:
An internal confidential messaging system in eCLINICIAN, In Basket Messaging, will be available to send appointment-related and consult letter messages among staff if applicable.

What Are the Benefits?

eCLINICIAN will increase efficiency within clinics by:

  • Streamlining referrals and schedules
  • Standardizing referrals (e.g., referral letters) and scheduling 
  • Providing real-time records (information is available across the system almost immediately) 
  • Sharing scheduling information across facilities (AHS and Covenant Health)
  • Better managing the receipt, tracking and triage of electronic referrals
  • Better managing patient waitlists with visibility on wait times for initial and follow-up appointments
  • Reducing wait-times and scheduling errors 
  • Better managing large volumes of referrals and bookings
  • Making it easier to edit patient information and keeping that information up-to-date
  • Reducing the time it takes to find paper referrals and the number of lost referrals/appointments

For more information, view the eCLINICIAN information handout

Questions/Contact Information

Andrea Magee
Project Coordinator,
eClinician Site Lead- GNCH & MCH
780.342.9031 (phone)
780.884.3453 (cell)