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A Clinical Information System (CIS) is an electronic tool that will provide healthcare providers one central access point to patient information, common clinical standards and best healthcare practices.

The AHS Provincial CIS, is part of the Connect Care Initiative. 

Connect Care is a collaborative effort between Alberta Health (AH) and AHS staff, clinicians and patients to improve care and safety for Albertans.

The purpose of Connect Care is to improve patient experience, the quality and safety of patient care, by creating common clinical standards and processes to manage and share information across the continuum of health care. Connect Care will support Albertans to take ownership of their health and care by giving them access to their own health information.

The work of Clinical Knowledge and Content Management (CKCM) service is also bringing us closer to realizing the benefits that Connect Care can enable by standardizing clinical content.



  • Please see AHS internal website (network assess required) 
  • Please refer to the table below to determine the best way to address your eCLINICIAN questions and/or concerns.
Type of Request Contact Information
  • Urgent Issues
  • Access Issues (password/username)
  • Technical Issues

Call the HELP DESK
780.735.4357 (HELP)

  • Non Urgent Requests
Submit a Non Urgent HELP Request via the EPIC button.
  • Clinic Specific Issues
You manager and/or eCLINICIAN super-user
  • Physician Inquiries
  • Standards
  • Workflows
  • Upcoming Learning Sessions
  • Assistance in Submitting Access
  • Other Non-Urgent Requests

E-mail the Covenant eCLINICIAN Help and Support Team:

*Never send identifiable patient information to this e-mail account

*Always indicate your eCLINCIAN Department Name ex. "MCH PEDS Lifestyle" in your e-mail for a faster response.



Connect Care Direction-Setting Sessions - Physician Participation Sessions

Physician experience, expertise and guidance is needed well before first Connect Care deployments in late 2019. The Connect Care journey begins with vitally important design and configuration work through 2018, followed by validation and testing in 2019. 

A key first opportunity for input comes during “Direction-Setting” sessions scheduled for early 2018.  These tap into clinician perspectives to guide basic choices about how common workflows will be supported by Connect Care. 

Three sets of Direction-Setting sessions occur in February, March, and April of 2018. Building on information already gathered from AHS stakeholders, best-guess workflow supports will be demonstrated for discussion about what might better fit clinician needs. Decisions will be recorded and used to build and configure a foundation system as the starting point for Connect Care.  

The three Direction-Setting sessions occur at one-month intervals, with learnings from a prior session informing what is decided at the next session. The emerging CIS foundation build will be demonstrated as it evolves.    View  here for more information

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